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Campus Readiness

Al-Arqam Islamic School & College Preparatory has invested in and obtained supplies such as disinfectant aerosol sprays, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, surface wipes, hand-washing soap, and facial coverings and face shields for staff. Each staff member has received a facial shield, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, and surface wipes. These supplies will continue to be stocked and replenished throughout the school year. In the event that students do not have access to facial coverings, the school will provide them.  All of the soap and disinfecting dispensers are infrared and offer a touch less function. 

Campus Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfecting of the classrooms and school building will occur continuously throughout the school day to maintain the utmost hygienic conditions at Al-Arqam Islamic School & College Preparatory. Teachers will also disinfect their working space at the start of school and end of the day.