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Middle School (6-8)

Al-Arqam Islamic School continues to provide student-centered learning that addresses distinct learning needs, interests, and goals of individual students. Core subjects such as English and Math follow the Springboard’s curriculum, which helps provide students relevant skills and knowledge for college and career readiness.

  • English – students observe and analyze texts, evidence-based writing, and higher-order questioning and engage in academic discussions to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Math – students solve complex problems by applying mathematical ways of thinking to real-world issues or a variety of settings. Students also use this knowledge to collaborate with others in task completion and use mathematical language to maintain effective communication.

Science courses follow Amplify’s NGSS curriculum, which motivates and empowers students to take on the roles of scientists and engineers using a combination of hands-on investigations, literacy-rich activities, and interactive digital tools. Students investigate scientific phenomena, collaborate and engage in discussions, and develop models/explanations to understand relevant real-world problems and provide solutions.


Overall, core subjects English, Math, Science, and History all follow the California Common Core Standards.


In addition, students in middle school are taught physical education and art in accordance with the California Common Core Standards.

  • Physical Education – students learn more about health and practice and develop skills from activities that would help them maintain fitness throughout their lives. Such activities include touch football, soccer, fitness testing, ultimate ball, badminton, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, recreational games, softball, and hiking. Students also learn to set and achieve health-related goals and collaborate with others to problem-solve.
  • Art – students are introduced to the elements and principles of art, which they’ll use to explore and experiment in producing two- and three-dimensional works of different media. Lessons cover a variety of media with an emphasis on individual expression, creative thinking skills, visual awareness skills, and fine motor development. Students will continue to engage in art projects that would encourage their own personal creativity and freedom of expression.


At the heart of the school, the curriculum also involves Arabic, Qur’an, and Islamic Studies by Al-Arqam Standards.

  • Arabic – course follows the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards. Students develop reading, writing, active speaking, and listening skills in modern standard Arabic. Assessments are conducted via tests for reading, vocabulary, and diction and grammar and translation exercises. Students will learn and utilize skills that would help them in predictable situations, and create personalized meaning with the language. The course derives lessons from the text, “I Love Arabic.”
  • Qur’an – focus is centered on building a strong relationship with the Noble Qur’an by understanding the meaning of the ayahs and reflecting on how it relates to our lives. Important topics that the course addresses include hijab, prayer (including Salah al-Duha), social media, bullying, and honesty using evidence in the Qur’an and the life of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). The course also focuses on basic Tajweed rules of recitation, and students will be memorizing up to three surahs per school year.
  • Islamic Studies – course derives lessons from the text, “Learning Islam.” Grades 6 to 8 will have different volumes that cover up to five to six units. Lessons also cover character-building themes extracted from the Qur’an, Hadiths, Seerah, and other authentic sources.