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June 18, 2022
Assalam Alaikum, 
I hope the Al-Arqam students, staff, and families enjoy a well-deserved summer break.  Take advantage of the extra time you have if you travel or stay in the region.  Summer time is great to connect with families and loved ones close and far.  Take advantage of summer by reading the Quran and perfecting it, reading books to widen your horizons, and practicing skills you feel you were behind this past year.  Summertime is also an excellent time to engage in extracurricular activities supporting student growth, such as sports, community service projects, and hobbies. 
In the next few weeks, Muslims across the globe will make their way to Mecca for the lifetime journey of Hajj.  
Enjoy your summer, and see you all in August of 2022.
Dr. Lula Abusalih, Ed.D
School Principal

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